It is with great honor that I announce the winners of the Outsiders Spring Nutrition Challenge. Congratulations to Team Mom Squad who CRUSHED it these past 6 weeks. Meet Teresa and Gayle. Together they created some new habits, learned that preparing and planning are the keys to success and were CONSISTENT (notice I didn’t say perfect) every single week.  Together they have 3 boys under 3, work full time jobs, Cross Fit on average 4 days a week and have lives filled with parties, vacations and moms night out. One of these ladies even prepped a house to go on the market and moved her family while still keeping her health and nutrition a priority. These women are an inspiration and I am grateful beyond words for the privilege of working with Team Mom Squad these past 6 weeks. This is how it’s done.

Consistency trumps perfection.  Prioritizing, preparing and planning are the keys to success.

Here is what they had to say about their experience:

E4:  What were your goals when you started the challenge?

T: My main goal when deciding whether to sign up for the challenge was to eat healthier and be more conscious about the food decisions I was making on a daily basis. I was coming off my second pregnancy in two years and was caught up in the craziness of having two children under the age of two that I was grabbing any food (often processed foods or premade ones) just to make sure I was eating rather than thinking about what I was putting into my body. Being part of a group and having a partner made me think twice about the quality of what I was eating – regardless of what the scale said as a result.

G: My goals were to get back on track with counting macros and recommit to a healthier lifestyle. I always do better with a buddy so I knew having to be accountable to someone other than myself would be a big factor.  

E4: What have you learned about yourself?

T: Through my participation in the challenge, I have learned that I just need to suck it up and plan ahead because that it was works for me. This doesn’t mean that I have every single meal perfectly measured in a container in the refrigerator (although it would be nice if someone did that for me!). It just means that I need to sit down and think about what I’m going to have throughout the week so I can grocery shop accordingly and prep what’s needed, but also so that I don’t have to ask myself every night “What’s for dinner?” and then end up snacking on everything in the house or ordering out. It works for me to have the same thing for lunch every day that I prep over the weekend, cottage cheese with fruit ready to go in the fridge for snacks, and even just an idea of what breakfast looks like so I know what I’m making or grabbing in the morning. Success is when preparation meets opportunity.

G: I have learned that my weight loss journey is slow, but steady and that in order to be successful I need to plan ahead as much as I can. I try to track the food I plan on eating the night before, pack my gym bag for the next morning, block time on my work calendar so I can workout in the afternoon if I don’t make it to a morning class, etc..

E4: What is your big “win” or takeaway from this challenge?

T: My “win” is that I’m in a better state of mind from all this planning. I have so much more mental energy to be able to handle every other aspect of my life because I no longer need to think about or question my meals on a daily basis. Taking the time on the weekends to look at menus, ask my family what they want, grocery shop, and prep whatever is appropriate on the weekends has made my day to day life that much more enjoyable. It’s also a team effort and we are all involved in this process.

G: My biggest takeaway is not to let a bad day or meal get you down. I am pretty diligent about tracking and being careful about what I eat Monday through Friday. I allow myself some leeway on the weekends but then I make a point to myself back on track before the weekend ends. I got out of the mindset of ” oh, I blew my diet, I’ll just start again next month.” Don’t throw away all of that hard work and a bad day of eating and/or drinking is not permanent damage to the work you have put in

E4: What would you tell someone else that is thinking about signing up for coaching or wants to learn more about nutrition?

T: Everyone could benefit from having someone else to have these conversations with. So many times we have internal conversations about what we should do or try and shouldn’t eat, and this just beats ourselves up and puts us down into feeling like we are doing something wrong. But having someone in your corner to remind you that it’s okay to have a dessert every once in awhile or remind you to hit your calorie and/or macro goals because you need to FUEL your body in order to be able to accomplish other things is invaluable.

G: I say stop thinking and go for it. I find that I am much more successful when I have someone I can talk things through with, someone to help set ATTAINABLE goals ( long and short)  and who is always lifting you up. Find a support system and start small. Nothing negative can come from bettering yourself. Your body will thank you for it!

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