Morgan and Ryan Nutrition Feature Friday for e4

Progress not perfection.

Make your nutrition work for you not against you.  Trust the process and stay focused on the long game.

Meet Morgan and Ryan.

These two rock stars have learned exactly how to do all of the above and they are killing the game.

We have been working together for almost 6 months and they are two of the hardest working people I know.  They have busy, active lives filled with full time jobs, graduate school and travel. Despite their busy lives, they are working hard each week to prep and plan their meals while also enjoying meals out and weekend events with friends and family.  They put in the work at the gym and are getting stronger and faster each week.

They are consistent.  They work hard. They are enjoying the process.  They have also both had rough weeks with some set backs and they didn’t let the set backs steer them off course.  They reset and started again. They check in and ask good questions. They know that progress is not always linear and that long term results can take more time.

Morgan and Ryan I am so honored to be a part of this  journey with you and have loved every minute of getting to know you both and am inspired by your hard work and commitment to your health.

Crush Friday y’all!

Here is what Morgan and Ryan had to say about their journey:


E4: What were your goals when you started working with E4?

M: For me, I have always been active… but I didn’t know how to use food as fuel.

R:  Initially my goal was to find dieting that complemented my workout regime so that I could continue to lose fat and build muscle . I wanted to live a healthier lifestyle and while I worked out 4-5 days per week, I felt I wasn’t seeing the results I wanted. Working out was easy, but figuring out the food was difficult for me. I wanted to commit myself to finding a diet and sticking to it.


E4: What have you learned about yourself?

M: I’ve learned to stop “sweating” the little things. Enjoying some ice cream does not derail all the progress I’ve made.

R: I’ve definitely learned that I’m not perfect. This process can be slow and at times discouraging. But, it’s vital to stick to the plan and be organized. Love the process, results will follow.


E4: What is your big “win” or takeaway from this experience?

M: My big win is getting one step closer to my health and fitness goals each week. Seeing the progress in my fitness has helped me stay on track.

R:  My biggest takeaway is that you can have a healthy lifestyle and still have fun. During this process we’ve been on several vacations where I didn’t necessarily have the ability to track or weigh everything. Because of the consistency in my planning leading up to travel I was able to eat freely and enjoy myself without completely de-railing my progress. Ultimately it’s about getting back on track when you take a quick break.


E4: What would you tell someone else that is thinking about signing up for coaching or wants to learn more about nutrition?

M: Go for it… everyone is unique and has different goals. Just like everything worthwhile, your health takes time and patience.

R: Do it. There is so much out there regarding nutrition. Having someone to help guide you through the sea of information is worth every penny. Having accountability is also important. If you are going to build and plan and truly stick to it, it doesn’t hurt to have a little help a long the way.