Joe Feature Friday E4 Nutrition

Consistency wins over perfection.

Joe is this week’s example of how consistency matters almost more than anything else. From the first day he started with E4 Nutrition he has put in the hard work and figured out what tweaks and changes are right for him and his body.  He is one of the hardest working, dedicated clients I know and I am so proud to know him. This week, let’s give a big shout out to our Feature Friday Joe!

What were your goals when you started?

My goals when I first started were all over the place… After talking with Kerri it was easy to see that my main goal was to finally make this a lifestyle change rather than continuing to be frustrated by not seeing the results I was looking for from all the fad diets I kept trying to juggle. This time specifically I really wanted to improve performance and cut down on body fat and I can do that even while fitting in my Oreos pretty much on a daily basis! Crushing WOD’s at the gym and feeling great about myself!!

What have you learned about yourself?

Consistency is key. I have learned that this is all a lot easier than I have ever made it and I can’t believe that it took me this long to figure it out. Truthfully, it does take some time to get used to and that’s why it helps to have someone there keeping you accountable or giving you pointers as you’re starting something new but once you start seeing results it truly becomes addicting. You look forward to tracking all of your foods for the day and having a game plan for how you’re going to attack that day. You look forward to prep days and are so much more aware of what exactly you are putting into your body before the food ever enters your mouth even when you’re eating out!

What is your big “win” or take away from this process?

You can live a balanced life and still feel great about your progress as long as you stay consistent. One bad meal is not going to make or break you but a continuous string of bad habits will ultimately hinder any progress you try to make whether it be in performance or appearance. A wise person once said: “You can’t out train a bad diet. Train hard, sleep well, and eat right. Your body will thank you.”

What would you tell someone else that is thinking about signing up for coaching or wants to learn more about nutrition?  

JUST DO IT! Change can be scary, talking to a coach can be intimidating, but just like anything else in life that can be scary and intimidating at first… once you do it you’ll ask yourself every day forward why you didn’t do it sooner! Remember that the time is going to pass anyway so why put off what you can do today until tomorrow? Take the chance and soak in all the glory that comes from feeling great about yourself both mentally and physically.