The season of the CrossFit Open is upon us! We all approach the open with great anticipation and planning around strategy, movement timing, rest between movements and how to maximize our efficiency with movements that might be a bit harder.

We focus so much attention on the actual workout and with good reason. What we sometimes forget is that much of our success (or failure) with the WOD is actually not about the actual WOD at all, but what we are feeding our bodies with before and after.

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The Superbowl weekend is upon us and from the texts, messages and check ins I am getting from clients this week it is something on everyone’s Macro mind.  For some of you this is your first week really trying hard to hit your calorie goals, fill you plates with healthy options and be a Rockstar. This Sunday is your first real step out into the world while trying to adhere to a nutrition plan.  Read more