Bill Feature Friday e4 Nutrition

Don’t over complicate your nutrition.  Keep your meals simple and easy to prepare.  

Meet Bill.  He came to E4 wanting to lose some weight, gain more energy, perform better in the gym and at lacrosse and knew that he needed to figure out how to prepare and plan more meals so that he was eating better and more consistently throughout his day.  

Over the course of the last few months Bill has absolutely done ALL of these things and has learned his way around the kitchen in the process.  He was a little unsure about tracking his food and unsure that he would find enough variety and things that he liked to eat. He didn’t let his uncertainty slow him down and instead made a commitment to figuring out what and how to eat so that it worked for his lifestyle.  It has been a pleasure and an honor working with him each week and stay focused and dedicated to his goals. Hard work always pays off and Bill is the perfect example of putting in the work to reach his goals.

Well done Bill!  Way to crush it!

Here is what Bill had to say about his experience with E4:

What were your goals when you started ?

My biggest goal was, of course, weight loss. I would get a decent amount of exercise but still had the dad bod. The second biggest hurdle to accomplish was learning how to be more responsible for what I ate. I knew that I needed to learn how to eat better but I didn’t know how to start.

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Morgan and Ryan Nutrition Feature Friday for e4

Progress not perfection.

Make your nutrition work for you not against you.  Trust the process and stay focused on the long game.

Meet Morgan and Ryan.

These two rock stars have learned exactly how to do all of the above and they are killing the game.

We have been working together for almost 6 months and they are two of the hardest working people I know.  They have busy, active lives filled with full time jobs, graduate school and travel. Despite their busy lives, they are working hard each week to prep and plan their meals while also enjoying meals out and weekend events with friends and family.  They put in the work at the gym and are getting stronger and faster each week.

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It is with great honor that I announce the winners of the Outsiders Spring Nutrition Challenge. Congratulations to Team Mom Squad who CRUSHED it these past 6 weeks. Meet Teresa and Gayle. Together they created some new habits, learned that preparing and planning are the keys to success and were CONSISTENT (notice I didn’t say perfect) every single week.  Together they have 3 boys under 3, work full time jobs, Cross Fit on average 4 days a week and have lives filled with parties, vacations and moms night out. One of these ladies even prepped a house to go on the market and moved her family while still keeping her health and nutrition a priority. These women are an inspiration and I am grateful beyond words for the privilege of working with Team Mom Squad these past 6 weeks. This is how it’s done.

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Joe Feature Friday E4 Nutrition

Consistency wins over perfection.

Joe is this week’s example of how consistency matters almost more than anything else. From the first day he started with E4 Nutrition he has put in the hard work and figured out what tweaks and changes are right for him and his body.  He is one of the hardest working, dedicated clients I know and I am so proud to know him. This week, let’s give a big shout out to our Feature Friday Joe!

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